Kalypso was the first club at zrce beach. It all started with a small beach bar thirty years ago. Today the Kalypso is one of the most beautiful clubs at zrce beach which has space for more than 3500 party people. There are several festivals with international and local DJs.

The Kalypso is the highest nex entry in the DJ-Mag Top 100 Club Ranking 2017. Congartulation to an outstanding 66rd place in 2021. All four big clubs at Zrce Beach are now listed in the best clubs in the world. 

In 2015 they created a new design for the club with new festivals, for example the Stereoforest Festival. The Kalypso is on the side of the zrce beach bay, so parts of the club are surrounded by big trees which cause an unique atmosphere between all the small bars and the big open air dancefloor.

At the daily after beach partys you can hang out in several sitting areas enjoy your cocktails under a big solar panel or just cool down in one of the pools. The entrance at the after beach partys is free every afternoon. The entrance in the evening depends on the festival.