Action at Zrce Beach

The main attractions at Zrce Beach are of course the clubs with their incomparable parties and festivals. This article is dealing with other activities that Zrce Beach has to offer.

First of all we have to mention the beach itself. The Zrce Beach impresses with crystal clear water and very good water quality. The calm waves and the flat-running coast are perfect for swimming, diving or snorkeling.


A highlight of every Zrce holiday is the tour with one of the party boats. There are different boats with different drop-off points. Some party boats start their tour directly in the port of Novaljas, others at Zrce Beach in the Noa Beach Club. You'll get cool drinks and a snack at each tour. A DJ is playing a perfect mixtape and you can jump into the beautiful Mediterranean Sea at one of the swimming places. Our personal recommendation for the ultimate party boat trip starts at the harbour of Novalja. Safe your ticket here.

Leisure offers

The watersports and leisure activities on Zrce Beach have something for every adventurous athlete.


The flyboard lets you fly above the water through the water rebound of a jet ski. After a short time, you can do stunts over and under water.

Icebar Zrce

The Icebar serves cocktails in ice glasses. A welcome cooling at the hot temperature on Zrce Beach.


Next to the Noa Beach Club you will find the wakeboarding station of Zrce Beach. You can go over the sea by water ski or wakeboard and if you are tough enough you can try some cool stunts at the jumps.


There is a bungee tower between Club Noa and the Club Papaya, from which you can fly headfirst to the party at Zrce Beach at any time. With a view over the entire beach and in all clubs an unforgettable experience.

Jetskis, Tubas, Bananaboat

At Zrce Beach you can also drive over the water with various air cushions or rent jet skis and explore Zrce Beach on your own.